Sunday, January 2, 2011


days to look forward to/days I hope will occur in 2011

1. the day I'm legal and the world takes me seriously
2. the day that I go back to Indian Creek Youth Camp
3. the day that Project 7 Days gets 1 million signatures and creationism is brought back into our schools (might take over a year but I'm excited nonetheless)
4. the day I meet my somebody who is gonna actually love me and treat me like somebody and make me see my true worth
5. the day I get accepted into Freed-Hardeman with a solid foundation (a good scholarship)
6. the day Jason Reeves releases his "Lovesick" album
7. the day I finally read House Rules by Jodi Picoult
8. the day I become a SENIOR
9. the day that I can eat anything and not get fat (not gonna happen)
10. the day that I feel I've changed a child's life
11. the day that I'm at Exposure 2011 singing praise to God and I realize that the past year has not been a waste, but that I'm stronger in Christ and I've been beneficial to His kingdom in the past year.

people that changed me in 2010

1. paige jelks
2. every soul who sang on that night of worship (december 29th) and encouraged me to "be mine no more" and give my life back to God
3. hannah elizabeth cooper
4. my mother, father, sister
5. the apostle peter (made me realize that I can make mistakes and still be a precious child of God)
6. highway 9 church of Christ, and the jacksonville church of Christ youth group
7. mary butterworth and kathryn clark
8. jessica mccord
9. kristin clevenger
10. anyone who made a stand for the faith while I was silent, and taught me to be unashamed
11. the ones who get left out, the outcasts who sit at lunch alone, those that have learned how to be unliked and are not afraid to be unpopular, those who are secure in their abnormalities compared with worldliness and are proud to be different,  those who are braver than me to be who they are and try to please no one but God almighty even if the whole world is against them.

things I wish I could take back from 2010

1. not going to 5th session backwoods
2. being in the Bible less than I should
3. being a wimp when it comes to standing up for the faith
4. getting off my diet
5. falling in love
6. stressing over small things
7. missing out on the little moments
8. gossip
9. not finishing books I started
10. missing RUSH at freed-hardeman
11. complaints

things I did right in 2010

1. wrote my sister a song
2. left bad friends for better ones
3. made my life right with God before it was too late
4. painted my walls blue and traded my humongous bed for a futon
5. bought my guitar
6. told hannah everything
7. remained a friend to someone even though it caused heartache
8. wrote my first blog
9. fell in love... yes, that's a contradiction
10. let my mom be my example
11. tried out for drum major

things I will try to do in 2011

1. keep on doing the things I did right in 2010
2. be healthy and active, but happy with myself when I'm lazy too
3. measure success by my insides and not my outsides
4. conquer my addiction with constant socialization and be happy with just me and my Bible sometimes
5. don't sweat the small stuff
6. don't complain/be more content
7. keep a smile on even when it's hard
8. lean on God
9. love without restraint or boundaries
10. have patience
11. practice to become better at everything I do, but don't stress if I'm not the best at it

songs that describe 2010 for me

1. someone somewhere, jason reeves 
2. miserably loving you, artist vs. poet 
3. god gave me you, dave barnes
4. i want to hold your hand, beatles
5. let's just fall in love again, jason castro
6. beautiful disaster, jon mclaughlin
7. if this was a movie, taylor swift
8. haven't met you yet, michael buble'
9. if you're gone, matchbox 20
10. your love is a song, switchfoot
11. something beautiful, needtobreathe

today is the first day of the rest of my life.
and I won't let a second of it go to waste.

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