Thursday, January 6, 2011


I guess no more comments. That's probably a good idea.
Sometimes the world makes me really really sad. Like when "hate" is used when love could take it's place so easily and wouldn't that turn the whole world upside down, if we love unconditionally and unbiased? But it's so easy to judge. Not saying we should accept sin and let it go by without a fight but we should love individuals regardless of who they are but because of what they are- a soul. A living, eternal soul who will spend its eternity in one of two places. God is love and love wants all men to be saved. If love wants men to be saved, what does hate do?
Hate is so unprofitable. And my heart aches aches aches.
This is a very sad post. That's why it's very very small because then maybe people will let it go by unnoticed and not dwell, because I'm sad. I don't like it at all but I'm so sad for the world and for everyone who doesn't know about God and for everyone who doesn't want anything to do with God, because I can't imagine what that does to Him. He's given us everything, without Him we're helpless, and yet people still push Him away and curse Him and... I can imagine His heart breaking every time we do that. I just don't understand. Why does it have to be this way?
But the world is not perfect, and I suppose that the allowance of free will guaranteed that man would sin. We mess up because we aren't godly all the time and we're selfish and stuff gets in the way like being popular and being so afraid of truth that we hide behind facades of apathy and detachment and hatred.
I have to believe in God. He is the only thing that keeps me grounded and without faith, I would float into the sky with nothing to keep me tied to reality. I think I would seriously go mad.
I don't want to keep going. I'll wait until I feel better and I'm not such a downer.
Sorry you can't comment on my scattered thoughts anymore. But if you read this, and you appreciate it... thank you.

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