Tuesday, January 18, 2011


reasons to be homeschooled:
1. to be able to pick my friends and not be stuffed into an atmosphere with people I just really do not appreciate because of the way they act
2. to work at my own pace and not waste time learning things I already know
3. individual studies of things I'm truly interested in
4. just more time, period
5. you don't have to skip school on snow days and then give up sunny saturdays to make up for it
6. lunch doesn't have to be portable
7. I can listen to Jason Reeves while doing pre-cal, and it won't be so bad
8. there isn't classwork and then a buttload of homework, there's work that lasts for a few hours and then you can do other things with your life
9. learn how to do grown-up things
10. to not have to do make-up work when I go to the doctor
11. get a job, possibly babysitting
12. no more waking up at 5:30
13. I can wear sweatpants and drink coffee all day long
14. nobody cusses at my house
15. I can balance spiritual food and education because of the whole "no wasted time" thing
16. there is no need for busy work that has absolutely no educational value
17. because homeschooled kids are not anti-social, they're some of the happiest and friendliest people I know
18. when I'm sick, I don't do make-up work, I take a day off
19. mission trips
20. playing guitar can actually be considered an elective

reasons to not be homeschooled:
1. band

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