Thursday, December 9, 2010


Everything about this week has been beautiful. And today was the perfect example, because everything about it was just absolutely perfect and I smiled a lot and worried a lot less. God is providing for me and I can't thank Him enough.

I don't have enough thoughts for a very long post, but today I went shopping for little boy's underwear and nascar and spent over an hour in Subway listening to Chuck Norris jokes and interrupting stories obnoxiously just because. It was the most fun I've had in a very long time.

This will probably consist of a series of random thoughts considering I don't have the brain power nor the motivation to expand upon each of these topics. Maybe at a later date.

I realized today how easy and hard it is to break the mold of your daily routine. One single step changes your entire day. It puts you around different people, in a different environment. A better one. And I know it will get easier and easier to make that first step towards a better environment for myself. I'm very proud.
I strongly believe in the natural tendency of humans to follow instead of lead. It's true for teenagers just as it is true for adults as well. It's much easier to conform to the environment that you are in, like a chameleon, rather than define your personality and moral values and stay true to yourself at all costs. A leader. Different. I believe this is an abnormal perspective but that is alright with me because the idea of abnormal ideas sort of attracts me. But being one person is actually much harder than being whoever you need to be depending on the situation. For instance, a teenager put into a room with 5 year olds will (hopefully) not be compelled to formulate sentences with the f bomb being used to describe things that don't even make sense. However, that same teenager put into a crowd of people that constantly use profanity such as that will be compelled to do so, to conform, to feel like they belong. I believe this comes from the desire to follow the "majority" rather than having only one person to follow, at all costs, at all times, never wavering. For me that person should be Christ. I say should be, because I'm human and although I am never compelled to use profanity because I find it completely useless, I do find it very easy to become a gossiper when surrounded by gossipers. To become a cheater when everyone else is doing it. To laugh at dirty jokes when I'm surrounded by laughing people. To become pessimistic when all I hear are pessimistic comments. A complainer. A condescender. A judger. A boaster. If I really want to be consistent, I cannot be a follower of man, because man is unstable. He is a chameleon, ever changing to fit the mold of the majority. There is only one Rock, the solid foundation that is unwavering and never changing. If I want to be consistent, the only one I can truly count on is Christ. If I'm always looking to be Christ-like instead of a crowd pleaser, then I will be better equiped to withstand temptation when I happen to be in an unChristlike environment. Unfortunately, I cannot always do so, so the best thing in my opinion is to not associate myself with groups of people that tempt me to do wrong. But this requires work, being abnormal, being different. Breaking away from the majority and seeking a minority group of friends that will help me stay pure. It isn't gonna be easy. But it's right, and I'm excited to see what happens.

That random thought lasted much longer than I had originally expected.

Tonight I drank hot tea because I thought I would have to pull an all-nighter to not kill my history grade on a test tomorrow.
However the test has been postponed, yet another way I have been blessed with the most amazing day that keeps getting better!
I feel bad because earlier when I was at the gospel meeting, I was thinking about how badly I needed to study and how busy my day had been and how worried I was. That was a very wrong mindset to have.
And now look what happened. I didn't have a single thing to worry over. I should have been paying closer attention and not worrying about things of tomorrow. It's like God's providence telling me that my worrying is of no benefit to me. I strongly believe in the providencial power of God. He works in so many ways I will never understand.

I'm reading a book entitled The Beach House by Mary Alice Monroe. It's required for school which means I should hate it but I completely don't. Long novels take such a long time but I know when I finally get to the end I'm going to fall in love with every page over again. It's about a girl who moves away from her Southern family as soon as she turns 18, leaving her fragile mother and intractable brother with her abusive father who, on her way out the door, promises that he will not care for her a bit if she chooses to leave. She does, and one day she comes back home. Old, unmarried, unemployed, back from Chicago to visit her mother who is inconspicuously dying before her eyes. It reminds me of The Last Song except they didn't make a corny movie with Miley Cyrus. Although the boy was pretty, I must admit.

I have no idea why I just summarized the first 120 pages of that book but at any rate I just like it a lot. I have a week to read the other 300 pages so I should probably get on the ball.

Back up 2 paragraphs because I should end with that... God is so so good. And sometimes I don't realize how truly great God is, until out of darkness there comes something beautiful. Out of a horrible situation there is a light at the end, a way of escape. I'm so blessed.

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