Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've decided that I have absolutely no desire in life to be average/normal/predictable. How boring is that? Never bringing any new ideas, never doing anything outside the mold. I don't want people to think about me when I'm gone and think "wow, that sure was a great girl. She never did anything to break away, always trying to please the majority. She was a real follower." Uhm no. That's a life wasted.

I'm really really really thankful for the opportunity to be goofy. It's one that I believe more people should take advantage of. Don't take life so seriously. It's gonna end up killing us all, so don't live in fear of it. Be yourself. Be crazy. Dance around.

Okay, right now. Take the absolute most hideous picture of yourself that is possible. It's for you. Come on, just do it. No, you aren't too cool. That's right. Squint your eyes. Stick your tongue out in an unladylike/ungentlemanlike fashion. Don't worry, it's allowed. Now click.

(By the way, how is unladylike a word but ungentlemanlike not a word? Are men are never scrutinized for not acting like gentlemen? Does anyone in our generation even know what a gentleman is anymore? This is quite a sad little revelation I have uncovered.)

Looking back there are a lot of situations in life that I wish I could relive, and have more fun. I could have been that person that cracked a joke and put everyone else at ease. I could have been the optimist. But sometimes I forget that I'm allowed to have fun in bad situations. But it's legal, trust me.

I think I'll start a new routine of inserting silly comments in bad situations. :) This could be potentially annoying but who cares. If you're gonna be a sour puss then you will be a sour puss regardless of whether I approach the situation happily or not.

ALSO I sent in my first college application today! Yes, I am definitely a junior in high school still. Unfortunately. But it was free and Whitney my admissions counselor from Freed said I should apply early, and so I did. I love Freed-Hardeman University. It's such a wonderful Christian atmosphere... I feel like when I'm there every day is camp, which= every day being an enormous powerboost to serve God. I would love to have 4 years of that.
BUT I would also love to go to UA. They have the Million Dollar Band and football and an accredited Journalism and Public Relations program, one of the highest ranked in the nation...
I'm glad I don't have to make this decision right now, because I have no clue what I would do.
I want to put God first and go to Freed but I can also have a strong church family at UA plus more evangelistic opportunities with nonChristians, so I'm not sure if that's putting God first or putting comfort first. I think I could serve God in either environment but the spiritual basis of Freed is just extremely attractive... I have no idea. I'm a mess.
BUT it's all gonna work out for the best. College searches are supposed to be fun, not stressful, and although I am known to be a compulsive stresser I have made the decision to abstain from that, especially in this period of my life which is already high-stress as it is.

I think my thoughts have halted for now. I'm gonna go read, nighty night.

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