Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is Henry.

(please excuse the bad quality photos)

Henry lives at Oxford lake. I was there just yesterday and I met him and thought he was just the cutest duck I'd ever seen. He let me get that close to him without running away. He kept his wings out just like this the whole time I was there, and never put them down.

When all the ducks were gathering around the edge of the lake (I'd estimate about 30 of them), I decided to have my little cutesy movie moment and ran at them while I watched them all fly off into the lake. But Henry just stood on the bank and watched, with his wings out like that, and he never moved. Not the whole time I was there. I know there is some way to make that into a motivational message but I just don't know how to right now. 

My favorite poet is Jason Reeves even though he's actually considered a singer/songwriter and not a poet. But being friends with him on facebook I get to see all his thoughts, even the ones that aren't part of a song. He's so amazing but also not incredibly well-known so he actually takes the time to put up his own pictures and reply to fan comments and everything a normal person would do on facebook. He's so human and I absolutely love that about him. The other day I wrote on his wall and when he replied to it I about had a conniption fit in Hannah's bathroom jumping up and down and squealing. I still can't believe I talked to that wonderful man. And I know I probably sound like another one of those teenage girls that completely worship famous people but honestly he's the only person that is even semi-close to fame that I actually like. He's so open and honest and he plays guitar so beautifully. I feel it's less of a crush and more of just loving the fact that he isn't the same as all the rest of the people in Hollywood that people idolize. They aren't as human or as relatable, I guess. I don't really know. But I've loved everything he's ever said and so I'm going to share some of my favorites. Some are from his songs and others are just his honest thoughts that I've happened upon through some kind of social network or whatever.

Beauty is something that shakes your perception of the world. something rare and unseen that makes a delicately powerful impression upon your heart. something real and exuding its natural brilliant light...

be brave. be bold. be vibrant and free. be wild. and let your soul sing like wind through the leaves of a billion trees.

sometimes finding someone is like switching on a light in a dark room you've been stuck in. just when you've begun to accept the suffering it vanishes instantly, as if you've woken up from a living nightmare into a beautiful dream. and you see the dark room was the same vibrant world all along, it just needed illuminating. that's what that person is. a brilliant sunbeam that changes everything.

im not sure what is a dream and what is real. or if real is a real word and if words even exist outside of our imagination..i still can’t say for certain if falling asleep is opening your eyes in the morning or closing them at night. and im lonely. but not sadly. everybody is alone. i want love like love wants love..oxygen and drifting clouds. and im not scared to be alive. these days more people are. money is an illusion. the world has been gaining some sort of momentum over "time" and every day it’s spinning faster. we are growing up too quick. someday i’ll start to. i write music because it feels like breathing. i sing because it is connection. i wish everybody would sing with me and without even gathering together sing so honestly that the songs could be carried on wind and heard at every point in the universe, even in translation. i wish there were no more bombs or bullets. and i wish we’d stop using politicians for negotiations. people are far too beautiful at heart to be introduced so cruelly into the blinding brilliant world. children. if there were to be a new beginning. would it all come out the same way again??

true love comes in many different forms. sometimes it's a flower slowly unfolding. sometimes it hits you like a bomb explodes

we are all given life as a gift to use however we choose

He has such a gift with being able to just feel and give himself over to emotions completely. I feel like there is no thought process involved with anything he says, it's all natural and simple and just true. I wish I could be that honest with myself. To just put every emotion out there without thought to being judged. To be able to be so myself and at home with my own feelings. I don't know. That man inspires me a great deal. I'm just giddy.

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