Sunday, September 5, 2010


I'm not entirely sure what makes a person truly qualified to have a blog. I've been reading a few, and those people are the truly unique, sometimes bazaar. But they act like being bazaar is the only way to be, and so it works. They're the people you can't imitate because you feel like to take their originality would be a sin. If I could have customized my personality, I would have checked the box that said "originality." I know those who are truly wise will continue to preach to the young that "you can be whoever you want to be", but I'm starting to think that isn't the case. It doesn't matter how much I try to make every word I type sound like I'm a true gift to humanity and everyone should hang upon my every word and opinion, sometimes people just aren't gonna want to read everything you're thinking. And so I've decided that if I indeed decide to publish this, it will be as an escape for myself to put down all those weird thoughts I've had on reserve, and not to try to impress anyone with my eloquence or whatever.

Now I'm gonna even gonna try to lie, I've been trying to convince people for 16+ years that ohhhhhh I'm sooooo unique and different from anyone else you've ever met, but it's totally not true. I'm probably a whole lot like a lot of people you know. But that's okay to me, because if I can pick out the best traits in other people, maybe I can adopt some of those super good traits and make up a somewhat good personality. I've got some traits that I truly despise. Like stressing, and imitation, and sometimes a touch of jealousy. But they came with the whole Shauna Blake Baker package, and I've recently discovered that you can't just get rid of your bad traits forever. They're part of you. You have to learn how to manage them. Such as keeping a schedule of every single thing I want to do during the day, week, month, to manage my stress. Yep, that makes me a nerd, and I like that. I even have a calendar in my favorite color. I'm not sure what it's called, but it's some shade of blue. Kind of tealish I think.

So this post is beginning to sound a whole lot like a "Dear Diary" entry, so I decided that just for reminiscing purposes I should pull out the old diaries. I'm looking at one now that is pink velvet and bedazzled on the outside, with BRATZ written huge at the top of every page and four girls at the bottom dressed for a slumber party. Listen to this.

August 9th, 2004
Dear Diary,
       Today was the day Daddy went for a checkup in Birmingham. Then, we went to Chuckie Cheese's. We went to eat at Ol'Charley's. I got a kids steak & fries. It was really good. We got a 5 layer cake which was DELICIOUS! We watched Indiana Jones AGAIN! It was really scary.
(Here I have drawn a picture of two hands, with the right hand circled + 2 fingers + morrow. I'm assuming that is supposed to read "write tomorrow.")
Love, Shauna Baker

August 10th, 2004
Dear Diary,
      Today we went to meet my teacher for 5th grade. She was nice. But she didn't greet me like a kid. She held a meeting for us & the parents to lay down the law & everything. We only have recess ONCE a week. But it last for an hour. Jessica has Mrs. Abernathy. She was Haley's teacher in 1st. Oh, by the way, Daddy was in Mrs. Sharp's class in school. She said he was smart. Period. I thought she'd go into detail.
Love, Shauna Baker

January 30th, 2005
Dear Diary,
      Yesterday night the most important thing in my lifetime happened. I was baptized into Christ on January 29th, 2005! It was really cold! It was Saturday at about 9:30. They didn't have time to heat up the water! Chris baptized me. It was his second time to baptize someone I think. He baptized Gabe, too. I partook of the Lord's Supper for my first time this morning. Everyone was very proud of me. I am 11 years old
Sincerely, The New Me

May 1st, 2005
Today was church day. I was going to hear Chris preach, but my parents got confused and I couldn't go. I invited Kristin to come over today & ride 4-wheelers. Hannah had a thing yesterday for her band. She sang a duet! She was super. After we went to Subway to eat. We had a lot of fun. Hannah is my absolute BEST BEST FRIEND!
Talk 2-Ya Later, Shauna Baker

Surprisingly, I haven't changed very much in the past 5 years. I still think Indiana Jones movies are scary, I'm mad that we don't get recess anymore, I'm proud to be a christian, and Hannah Elizabeth Cooper is my best best friend. 

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  1. I feel like no one cares to read my blog. I feel stupid after some of the blogs I post and then I delete them. I think someone else will always write, draw, paint, create, sing, teach, etc. better than me and it makes me want to quit. If I quit though I would be turning the power button off in my head because that is who I am. So, I'm finally embracing the fact that I can't be better than everyone else but I can put myself out there for all that I am. I must say, being right brained is something I love about myself no matter what emotional chaos it causes!

    Feel free to skip over the mumbo jumbo and get to the end - I think you're brilliant. :)