Wednesday, September 22, 2010

best friend

I love days when I finally get home, look back, and actually smile instead of complain (which is what I have realized that I like to do a bit too much, so it's one of my September resolutions to stop complaining.) I used to always be miss happy sunshine optimist about everything, which I know is potentially annoying and probably worse than being pessimistic, but it makes me feel better about myself and my attitude. However, I have slowly digressed to seeking the bad in things and people, and I'm not liking that about me at all. So today was great because I have many things to smile about.
Primarily the happiest part of my day was when my best friend forever Hannah Cooper and myself went out to eat at Subway and just talked. Hannah and I haven't done that in a long time, and it's one of my favorite things about our friendship. It's like the chemical formulas of our conversations fit together perfectly, like puzzle pieces that were hand-made especially for us. I've never had a dull moment with her ever because unlike the general population who wants to say "Hey, how are you?" and totally zone out at that point in time, Hannah's the person that says "Tell me what's happening with you" and sits there and listens and enters comments at just the right time and conversation flows just like fluid water. This is total cliche but we literally talk about anything. There is no judgement, no superiority. I'm pretty sure I could tell her that I wanted to hitch hike to North Korea and she would help me get there in any way possible. Given she'd probably tell me that it's not a very good idea in her humble opinion, but she'd still help me if I were set on it.

We can do things like penguin waddle in public and talk loudly about boys and race in lazy river rides. We hold hands during prayers and she gives me honest opinions with no sugar coating to hide the truth. I've cried over everything and nothing, and cried from laughter over everything, and nothing. Our personalities are compliments, we balance out the differences. Alone I was reserved but with her I became friendlier. I was a weak Christian influence and she gave me strength. I was hopelessly heart-broken and she introduced me to the fish in the sea. Without her I truly don't know who I would be, because she's formed me in so many ways for the better.So I'm lucky. EXTREMELY lucky. I wish that I could clone Hannah and give everyone a best friend like her, because every trial of my life is made so much lighter and every joke is just a little bit funnier.

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