Saturday, September 11, 2010


Good morning beautiful world. I would like to begin by saying that, obviously, I've been in a pretty big crud mood lately. And I hate crud moods for me because they last for about a week-week and a half and make me seem like a pessimistic and cynical human being, which I like to think I'm not. But now it's gone and I'm back to normal me and hopefully mr. crud will stay away for a very long time so I won't make anyone else mad.
ANYWAYS. So last night I had an epiphany and I would like to share it with whomever is interested in reading this blog, which could be a long one since I have nothing to do but be ready when Taylor gets here in an hour and a half to enjoy a Do Nothing Day of football and probably involving me whooping up on him in some pool/foosball a few more times. These days are my favorite :)
But, anyways. Last night the Cherokee County Warriors traveled to Crossville for our first away ballgame. First of all, it's important that I tell you that lately during this ugly crud mood I was beginning to doubt my involvement and position in the band. Not that I would ever say that I dislike being in the band, because band is one of the few things that I have found a true passion for. But for a while I think I had forgotten what I like so much about being drum major specifically, and that is bringing people together. Feeling like a mediator. Feeling important and worthwhile. And that sounds like I'm a total stuck-up loser but I can't lie - it's the absolute truth. And last night our band was located smack dab on the end of the bleachers, and right in front of the cheerleaders. Now ask average joe in the stands if the band and cheerleaders get along very well, and he's probably going to tell you that if it's anything like any other high school he's ever seen, they hardly speak to each other. This was our standing until last night when our nice new band director told the entire band "They are right here in front of you, and you will cheer with them. You will cheer every cheer with them, because you want them to do the same thing for you during our cheers. So CHEER LOUD." And immediately the cheerleaders+band erupted in hooting and hollering. And I smiled, but inside I'm thinking this won't last more than five minutes. Then it started pouring down rain and we went into Crossville's band room, which although it was smelly it was very nice of them to make room for all 70 of us when it was really only enough room for the 70 of them. By half-time we were able to perform. We reassembled at 4th quarter. And EVERY SONG WE DID, the cheerleaders cheered for us. EVERY CHEER THEY LED, we screamed the words along with them. And it was the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced at a football game (besides winning state championship, but only barely.) I could care less if we win another game the rest of the season (no offense, because I love football and want our boys to do well so they're happy at school which makes everyone else happy), but looking at the big picture I think football games are about coming together. I think it's the football team being encouraged by the band and joined by the cheerleaders and joined by the crowd and everyone knowing that this is the way it always should be, everyone connected and this thing in common that brings us all closer and helps us forget that I don't like that cheerleader because she's just a snob and our football team really stinks this year and I think I'll punch that referee in the face afterwards. Because it really doesn't matter whether we win or whether they make bad calls or if there's something about that person we don't like because we're a human being and there are things about us that people don't like. I'm sure for other people it's because I don't study a whole lot but I'm blessed enough to make good grades and that I was blessed with the position of drum major, which isn't really a high and holy position because all I have to do is have a good attitude and have a sense of rhythm, and sometimes look pretty. The band works 10 times harder than I do - I'm pressured to do well on game night, and they have to do well every day of the week or we'll fall apart.
One more thing and then I'll finish getting ready so I don't look horrid: I've recently realized that when someone is passionate about something, that should be their decision and not concern other people's opinions. I can't imagine how hard it would be for me if people were constantly telling me that MUSIC is just stupid. I would still love making music, but that's taking away the joy of sharing my passion with others because I'm afraid they won't feel the same way. Who cares if you like music? Who cares if you would like to be a cheerleader or not? It's OUR THING. And you can have your thing and we can have our thing and support each other in the things we do, because it makes us happy. And if we're happy in what we're doing then it shouldn't concern other people. They shouldn't have to tell us their opinions on the things that we love.
So lately, since I found my good mood again, I've started to make lots of realizations and in summary I would like to say that I love our cheerleaders and hope that they will move and be closer to us at every football game, so we can bring the audience together with us while bringing ourselves together to cheer for the football team and everyone will be just that - together.
Now it's time for some football.

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