Sunday, September 5, 2010

two hearts with one beat

So tonight we had a thing at church where all the young people from all the area congregations come together and sing praise and eat pizza and watch The Little Rascals, and it was the complete highlight of my day. I love youth stuff. I love just coming together with people that think the same way that I do and have the same struggles, so I feel like I have my own little Christian friend army and we can stand strong together. The world is a beautiful place but it's also really easy to get lost among the crowd and forget. Those times are when I need Hannah because she's like my strength mechanism when I get really weak and tired of being different than the world. She pushes me and makes me feel beautiful, and so I love her and love being her best friend a great deal. Matt led the song "Our God, He Is Alive" which if you've never heard sung before, get a group of kids on fire for God and sing it acapella from the bottom of your hearts. That song can bring tears to your eyes. It's my all time favorite forever and ever amen.
Nights like tonight really make me realize how truly blessed I am. Seriously. I have the most wonderful life ever. Some people say that during good times you forget about God. I disagree. They say that you need tough times to make you remember God and appreciate God and seek guidance from God, and I believe that's true. But my mom tells me that she grows closer to God in the good times because she realizes how blessed she is and that all blessings come from God. My mom is the most wonderful woman on the planet. I feel blessed that I surpassed the generic I-hate-my-life-and-I-hate-my-parents-and-I-just-want-to-stay-in-my-room-and-never-speak-to-my-family-ever stage of teenagerdom. I truly believe I would have been the most miserable human being alive. I think I might have entered the stage for about an hour, and then realized I hurt my mom's feelings so I cried. But back to the point - my mom is completely wonderful. I'm happy to say that we have a good relationship. I need to do better though. She's always there to give me the best advice I can receive but stupid pride makes me want to put on my big girl panties and handle it on my own. But I'm still a sixteen year old baby. I need my mom. I realize that more and more every day.
I'm finding myself to be more and more unlike teenagers. But that's okay with me, because to put it quite frankly I've known some really stupid teenagers... Stupid meaning making totally dumb decisions. And I don't really feel sorry, because part of being in this free country is that we have the opportunity to gain an education and make something of ourselves. And that may be free to us, but it wasn't to the soldiers who fought for it. So I don't feel sorry when you choose to waste that.
I'm in a great mood because I just finished a 30 minute skype date with Taylor. We hadn't had one since Thursday and you would've thought my world was ending, forreal. I'm pretty pathetic, not gonna lie. But I don't think he minds. He loves me but he loves the lake, too, and I'm okay with that as long as we get skype dates and occasionally I get to go, too; it's a good deal.
In other news, tonight was also epic because I got to watch my favorite scene in the entire spectrum of children's films, which is Alfalfa and Darla in the boat floating along and Alfalfa says "Oh Darla, we're two hearts, but with one beat." HOW PRECIOUS. My heart just melts every stinkin' time. And one day I will sit my boyfriend down in a cutesy little boat with lots of hairspray so he's got the do going on and we will reenact this scene. He hasn't been informed of this will but you can bet it'll happen.

I'm not sure I could really pinpoint what this blog was supposed to be about, but I think I got said what I needed to say. Mostly I think I just wanted to tell you how wonderfully blessed my God has made me, and that I love my boyfriend and Alfalfa, but Taylor a little bit more. That'll be all.

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