Sunday, April 24, 2011

to breathe

i need fresh air and long expanses of nothingness. to think about nothing and feel obligated to be nothing and do nothing. i need to feel unrestrained and not judged. i need freedom. i need less drama. i need more dreaming and bliss and less worrying. i need to feel comfortable. i need to not feel tied down. i need to not feel completely responsible for another person's happiness. i need to not feel dependent on one single person for happiness unless that person is God. i need more space. i need to not feel vulnerable. i need to remember how to be happy and optimistic and smiley

i want to be best friends with my nannie

i want to go all the way around the world because i can

i want to see Jesus

i want to be a good Samaritan

i want to laugh embarrassingly loud

i want to tell a complete stranger that Jesus loves them

i want to be the girl that people are proud of

i want to exercise the right to smile

... this is right. i'm already breathing easier

mobile, myrtle beach, parrot mountain, gatlinburg... i want to run away to you. i breathe better with you.

1 comment:

  1. I think you're my soul sister. Or my kindred spirit like Anne Shirley says. Or of the house of Jacob, as Mrs. Cornelia would say. It's as if you just STEAL my thoughts right out of my head.