Saturday, March 12, 2011


is so disgusting.

a) it makes other people uncomfortable. honestly. no one wants to be "that guy" whose friend is all over some girl and he just has to stand there awkwardly and pretend to be comfortable in that situation. but he's not, he just doesn't wanna be rude. i've been that guy.
b) i can't carry on a conversation with you if you are obviously not interested in anything i have to say
c) there's a line. it's called the line between cute and inappropriate. the line between "aww" and *gag*, etc.
d) who in the world will respect you if you can't respect yourself? if you can't respect the people around you by acting discreetly?
e) could you carry on a conversation with jesus? would you be embarrassed? would you straighten up immediately if he entered the room? he's already there.
f) sometimes it's good to talk. that's usually how it goes, you meet someone and you get to know them, and you know them for a very long time and then you quite possibly fall in love with them. you don't find a boyfriend and immediately love him and THEN find out things about him.
g) if you haven't found out her favorite color and her middle name, you're still in the "get to know you stage." so put about 2 feet of space between you and ask some questions.
h) there's such a thing as public and private settings... both should be handled discreetly and with propriety, but you don't have to show the whole world how you feel. if that's how you two act in public, we don't even wanna know what you do in private.
i) when you're fourteen you can't tell a girl "baby i love you i wanna spend the rest of my life with you i'll never ever leave you you're the only one forever and ever and ever and ever and ever"... uh, as sweetly as i know to say this, you can't promise that. your mommy still has to drop you off at the movie theatre, for pete's sake.
j) when people get married, they have a right to be cute. when you're in high school and you just started dating a girl, you don't own her. show her some respect.
k) there is such a thing as taking things slow.
l) there is such a thing as being happy having friends and not being in a serious relationship. it isn't a horrible situation to be in, i promise.

i actually wrote all that last night, but i was going to try and go all the way through the alphabet so i didn't post it last night. but now i've just got nothing else to say on the topic. it erks me to even talk about it so i'm gonna move on.

today was wedding planning day with my wonderful family and i had an absolute blast. kristin is going to be the most beautiful bride ever. i always knew she would be.

i've come to the conclusion that i really really miss a lot of people. some people i see every day and i still miss them like crazy. i know now that is possible, and i really kind of hate it. but i don't know how to fix it. i'm a mess. sometimes i just want to give up trying to make other people happy. it's so hard to feel like you're trying the very hardest you can to be the best friend you can be and then to be told it isn't good enough. not exactly my favorite feeling in the world. but maybe it's true. i can't pretend to be a perfect friend all the time. i wish i could. i mess up a lot.

but on the plus side today i bought a cute skirt at the thrift store for $4.50 and ate the most amazing yogurt i've ever tasted

dear anyone i've ever let down, i'm sorry. i can honestly say that i'm trying my hardest. and it's exhausting because i feel like i'm pushing against a brick wall and going nowhere.

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