Sunday, March 20, 2011

everything is music is everything

today me and tyler sat in my driveway and i laid back on the concrete while he played guitar and watched clouds float by. at one point i asked him what the world would be like without music... and he said what i was thinking, "depressing". i wondered what people who didn't care for music did to relax and express their frustration and emotion. he said that anyone who said they didn't like music, were liars.

and then i thought, maybe for some people, watching clouds go by is music. their ebb and flow carelessly and so perfectly and majestically like a line of melody, and it caresses and soothes the soul.

maybe watching the sun rise and set is music. watching the colors paint the canvas sky with the notes and rhythms of nature.

or perhaps, for some, driving with the windows down. the melodic smell of the grass after it rains. long hugs that secure our hearts. the wind in our faces as we run. holding the hand of a friend while they hold your heart. beautiful lines of literature. eyes that smile. dancing across the hardwood on our daddy's shoes. the laugh of an innocent child.

maybe everything is music.

perhaps, music so far transcends anything created by man, transcends language and words and emotion... that, logically, we must conclude that music came from something, someone, much greater than us.

maybe the very word "music" cannot adequately describe the feeling that it defines. we are too mortal, too human.

and so perhaps, music itself is proof that we were made for an entirely different world.

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