Wednesday, March 23, 2011

the heart

is a fighter. it doesn't give up when the flow of love becomes painful. it can endure countless punches and still remain strong.

but even the strongest of hearts breaks. and those once broken are fragile as glass.

sometimes a broken heart isn't shattered all at once. it starts with a tiny irritancy, a slight discomfort which is put off as a hard day or a bad mood. then the ache spreads. but the process is slow, so the heart doesn't recognize what the end result will be... he is only accustomed to this slight discomfort which gradually grows stronger. he only learns to fight harder. he never gives up.

this cannot continue forever. the heart is tired and weary of fighting while the one for which it fights only resists.

the heart still has all the love it once had for this cause for which it has been fighting. and so it is not the love which is lacking, but the motivation and endurance to make that love active.

one cannot continually give every bit of his energy to moving a brick wall that will never budge.

my heart is so tired.