Sunday, November 28, 2010


I believe I just witnessed the single most romantic act of all time.
A boy sits across from his girlfriend, holds her hands.
A guitar is heard, and the boy begins to sing the song "She's More" by Andy Griggs.
She would look into his eyes, and then look at the ground and smile, and then look right back into them.
And he never looked away.
After he sang the last note, he enveloped her in the most loving embrace, like he never wanted to let her go.

... I want that.

Somewhere in this big world, there's a man that I'm gonna marry.
He'll be strong and able.
He'll sing to me when I'm mad at him.
He'll leave me sweet notes just because.
He'll let me rearrange the furniture every day.
He'll look on the bright side.
He'll hold my hand whenever he gets the chance.
He'll pray with me before bed.
He'll let me have my Great Dane in the house.
He'll impress my Mom.
He'll let me argue with him even after I've lost.
He'll teach our children bible school songs.
He'll smile more than frown.
He'll protect me.
He'll tolerate me when I'm stressed.
He'll tell me I'm beautiful after I wash my make-up off at night.

And I won't settle until I find him.

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