Sunday, May 29, 2011


"looks like friday we're going bowling then eating steak and shake :)"
"i still don't know what that is! and what if i have something going on friday?"
"cancel them haha"
"lol i don't have plans. i would sound a lot cooler if i did though"
"well see now you can tell people you do so you already sound a lot cooler"
"touche... and i think it would probably add to my level of mystery, having plans a week in advance"
"yeah to make it better if someone asks who just be like oh it's just a friend haha"
"lol but you see, i'm in quite a dilemma, because it's not mysterious at all if I say yes immediately."
"true you have to play it off, but i don't understand why you didn't play the mystery card on me =P"
"but you see, i never said yes. you ASSUMED i said yes. so really and truly you don't even know if i want to go yet :)"
"you're a horrible person."

operation "become mysterious" is definitely a success

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