Monday, May 30, 2011


"and maybe as we go through life we are becoming more and more complete, more and more who we are, because as we go along we find pieces of ourselves, and sometimes we lose pieces of ourselves too, and maybe if by the grace of God i live until i'm 80 i'll have found all of my pieces and i'll know who i am. or maybe by the grace of God i'll live until i'm 80 and i'll still be missing a few pieces because the moments where you find a piece are the best moments in this life and without them maybe i'd be better off dead. and maybe the last pieces are in heaven and after i've been there a little while Jesus will say "here you go, you might have been lookin for these, they've been with me the whole time." and then i'll smile because i'll know i get to spend eternity worshiping the One who scattered my pieces for me to find like plastic eggs full of candy on easter sunday, because he knew that to remind me of heaven he needed to give me little tastes of it on earth. because he knew that giving me this longing would serve as a reminder of what i am longing for, if i took the time to realize it.

that there are beautiful moments in life. dancing in the street and holding children and laying in the driveway watching stars and chasing sunsets. there are soft t shirts and blankets fresh from the dryer and some days the breeze is so perfect that you marvel you are alive to experience it. and someday someone will give you a gift because they know that you are the only person they know who will truly appreciate it, especially since it might be something like the law code of alabama from 1823. and someone will hold your hand and you will feel it in your chest where they tell you your heart is, even though you know in your brain that your heart just pumps blood. and someone will smile at you from a stage and everyone will know the smile was yours alone. and there are songs and poems and pieces of artwork that you could swear were created just for you, like someone else took your soul and gave it back to you after rearranging it a bit to make more sense. and every day something else about the world will amaze you, and you will be reminded of just how incredibly small you really are, and that's the way it is supposed to be. because each of these moments pales in comparison to how beautiful and perfect heaven will be, but they are here to show us what that perfect feeling is like"

you need to meet this girl. or at least read her blog (

i'm really blessed to know her.

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