Wednesday, May 11, 2011


i want to play electric guitar

lately, i've realized that it's very relaxing to not match. putting on random jewelry that doesn't really go together and is in a totally different color scheme than your outfit. it's a warm fuzzy feeling that says "i did that, and no one else, and it was all my idea."

i never think i'm humble enough. i feel like i try to change and i never do. it frustrates me to no end. how do i know if i'm being humble? if it's easier to spot faults in others rather than in yourself, shouldn't we all tell each other our faults? shouldn't somebody tell me if i'm being snobby? i want to know. i would be thoroughly impressed if someone had the guts to tell me that. but i don't want to tell other people their faults because that seems not nice or forgiving or positive. it's such a paradox. i don't make sense.

i want to become good at really weird things simply for the sake of conversation. like knitting and ukulele and karate

i read a book on dating and i've decided that i'm going to become more mysterious

i'm a very strange girl

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  1. You're are far from being snobby as I am from putting together a car!

    I COMPLETELY agree. I think it's fun to put something on not knowing if someone will think you're just a little crazy or a little cooler than everyone else. Lol.