Thursday, February 23, 2012

looking back

i used to be so good at seeing the good in people but i've found that lately and it's mostly because i've come to know some people who i truly don't really care for but i'm finding it so hard to be positive about them and to keep searching for good when people do and say stupid things and that scares me because i like when doing good is easy

this good of "loving your enemies and blessing those that curse you" is becoming a problem and i never dreamed that it would be but now it's here and i need all of you to pray for me and pray for my enemies while i do that too and i'm gonna try to go back to being the optimist that i used to be. i've heard that if you count ten of your faults before pointing out a fault in someone else that you tend to view that fault as less significant so i'm gonna start counting mine now

i judge. and i flatter. and i complain. and i have no right to make anyone else's faults any larger than mine

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  1. I need to try that too! I have never heard it before but I need to do that one.