Sunday, February 20, 2011

melody and harmony

this is about hannah elizabeth cooper. she is my favorite person in the whole entire world, and i'm sorry if you were shooting for that title because it's very unlikely that you could replace her. she has been my best friend for as long as i have breathed. she is compassionate and excited and humble and silly and reflective and honest and hilarious and caring and wise. she can interpret my thoughts before i can even begin to comprehend them. she helps me understand why i act the way i do. she has personal experience to help with every problem i could ever face, because we quite literally live each other's lives. we form opinions that coincide with each other's and when we find out it's like magic. she never wants me to be anything other than myself. she never makes me feel guilty. she doesn't want me to settle. she helps me dream. we can talk about our most intimate fears and laugh over them. on that note, our fears are usually congruous. we know each other and we can tell what the other is thinking. she unscrambles my thoughts. she makes me realize things that are undeniable, but I would have never accepted on my own. she makes me laugh louder and smile more confidently. she takes pleasure in little things that others might find ridiculous. chasing ducks. grocery shopping. harmonizing with our ipod. with her i can cry unashamed. with her i can be as silly as possible. i'm never uncomfortable, even if we're in public. i can be completely and entirely myself when i'm with her, no matter who else is present. i'm a better conversationist when she's around. i'm not as awkward. i'm friendlier and happier. i don't doubt myself or worry over other people's opinions. i don't try to be a crowd pleaser when i know it's an unchristian thing to do in that circumstance. i'm stronger in God. we can talk about God and Christian living and i feel closer to Him because i see Him in her. we pray together. she's a light that shines upon the truths in my life. she's the anchor that keeps me steadied. she's imperfect but perfect in God. she makes mistakes but she's always ready to push through them. she will disappoint me but i will love her more because she is human. she is unselfish. she is beautiful, beginning with her inner soul and shining out to every part of her and evident to everyone who beholds her. 
she is my best friend. i'll never let that change, as long as either of us lives. she's made her forever mark on my heart. if life is a melody, then our friendship is the harmony that makes every moment of it infinitely more beautiful. 

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