Monday, April 30, 2012


Haley asked me to tell her a deep thought I have had recently. Or "the thing you contemplate most." Or something like that.

I felt very simple minded in that I didn't really have anything pressing on my mind that I felt the need to verbalize. And this bothers me. I don't want to be shallow.

Everything that I think about, college and grades and chacos and the mountains and boys, it all seems so simplistic compared to what she thinks about. What causes people to choose good or evil. Why does childhood seem to be becoming shorter and shorter as our society's morality declines. If you were born of a different race, into a different family, into a different era of a different continent, would you be the same? How would you be the same? And so what really defines us? And on what grounds can we be judged when our personalities are so distinctly affected by uncontrollable circumstances?

It must be very burdensome to have a mind that always contemplates questions for which we can never really know the answer. Personally I would rather relax, let the worries slip through fingers onto guitar strings, let the world keep turning and keep its questions to itself.

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  1. I do really think it must be rather overwhelming to have Haley's mind. Haha.