Friday, March 23, 2012

twitter and devilish social networking sites

You know, I think twitter is the most tempting thing to me right now. It's my biggie. It's like my Godzilla of temptation. And I'll tell you why.

If I get a twitter (as I've been inclined to do lately), I'm sure I will end up saying things directed at certain individuals( though indirectly, without using their names) but that should either a) be said to them in person or b) not be said at all. It's all too easy to let off steam through that "indirect verbal attack" that people like to use on Twitter (and Facebook statuses too) and pretend that no one will ever know who they're actually talking about. That's immature, but tempting. Because while we're trying to act Christlike and love our enemies and give blessings to those that curse us, we still want the attention from others of "hey, that person did you wrong and you have a right to be angry, I'm on your side". But letting off steam in this way just isn't Christlike at all. It hurts other people and it hurts us. And I know this because reading things other people have posted, and knowing that it's directed at me, hurts worse than if they'd even really said it to me. But if I go to this person and question them about their feelings toward me, it only seems that I'm trying to stir something up. And I'm not a drama stirrur upper.

I don't know, maybe that's what I do through this blog sometimes. I need to let off steam and the typing feels so good under my fingers and maybe it wouldn't feel so good if I didn't know someone was going to read it and sympathize. But what if the person who reads it believes I'm ensuing a verbal attack on them? I don't want that. I want selective readers but that can't be guaranteed at all, can it? It can't.

But anyway, I've become so attached to it, an addiction, of reading what a certain person says and figuring out how they really feel about me. That shouldn't be the case. First of all I shouldn't even be that concerned about other people's opinions of me, but second of all it only continues to hurt. I need to stop it. I'll never forget if I don't.

So this is why Twitter is the devil.


  1. Definitely know what you mean. I refuse to get on Twitter just because people get addicted and use it to say EVERYTHING they are thinking ALL day long.

    Lately, it's been really hard for me not to care what other people think of me. People have decided they don't like me and that really does hurt. I feel like I'm a bad person if people don't like me. *sigh*

  2. I have blogged about that exact same feeling MULTIPLE times, Melissa. I think growing up I always assumed I would only be disliked for one reason: being a Christian. And I was prepared for that reason. But being disliked for all kinds of reasons makes me doubt myself, and wonder what things I need to change.