Wednesday, January 18, 2012

les miserables

The man took three steps, and came near the lamp which stood on the table. "Stop," he exclaimed; as if he had not really been understood, "not that, did you understand me? I am a galley-slave -a convict- I am just from the galleys." He drew from his pocket a large sheet of yellow paper, which he unfolded. "There is my passport, yellow as you see. That is enough to have me kicked out wherever I go. Will you read it? I know how to read, I do. I learned in the galleys. There is a school there for those who care for it. See, here is what they have put in the passport: 'Jean Valjean, a liberated convict, native of ____,' you don't care for that, 'has been nineteen years in the galleys; five years for burglary; fourteen years for having attempted four times to escape. This man is very dangerous.' There you have it! Everybody has thrust me out; will you receive me? Is this an inn? Can you give me something to eat, and a place to sleep? Have you a stable?"

"Madam Magloire," said the bishop, "put some sheets on the bed in the alcove."

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