Wednesday, October 12, 2011


i'll tell you right now what is poisoning the minds of young people and old people and white people and black people and rich people and poor people you wanna know what it is? APATHY. that's it. it's all about apathy. failing and cheating and stealing and lying and the usual do-nothing-ness is all apathy. i wish i could just stuff some CARE into the brain of every young person. just fill it with a lot of CARE. it doesn't even matter to me what it is, just care about something. care about trees or care about your momma or care about God like i wish everyone would but just stop not caring about anything at all, ever, period. and stop doing things we hate. why do we do the things we hate? when we have a maximum 100 years to live on this earth why in the world would we do anything we absolutely hate when there are a million other things to try that we might love? stop sitting in the desk or on the church pew or on the football field or band field or wherever you go all the time if you don't CARE about it. because for the people that do care it's a very big discouragement to be surrounded by those who don't.

i care about a lot of things and i care about people who don't care and i just want you to know that for pete's sake, there ARE beautiful things in life and things become infinitely more enjoyable if you will just give them a chance. i promise school is bearable when you try not to fail, it can actually be quite pleasant sometimes and sitting on a church pew might be boring but worshipping God with all your heart in spirit and in truth surely isn't. and if you hate band or you hate football or you hate everything about your life, then quit what you're doing and do something you love because you only get one chance at this thing and you might as well give it the best shot you've got

hruoferngheruhoiuerhgoreughnoera i'm done.

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