Tuesday, September 6, 2011


if i were a song writer i'd get tired of writing song after song about love and breaking up and partying all night long, plus i know that's not the only things that ever cross people's minds like what about chocolate and the way little babies laugh and shapes in the clouds. i'd write it about abraham lincoln or good books or the sky or the way that driving through falling leaves kind of feels like i'm in a spaceship zooming through outerspace

i think i make less and less sense as i grow older, or maybe that's growing up, realizing that your thoughts don't always fit into cute quotes you can find on google or song lyrics, not always trying to filter your thoughts and saying what you think even if you've never heard anyone else think that before. maybe you become more and more you as you become less and less like everyone else

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  1. Please write songs! I think they would be fabulous! :D